Here are your official TWN Weather Observers.


British Columbia

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adam broomfield
Adam Broomfield

I grew up on Northern Vancouver Island in Port Hardy as well as Northern Alberta in Grande Cache. I Graduated High School in 2001, and got my Culinary Arts certificate in 2004. I currently work for Chevron Canada at their Cranbrook service station, and have done so for the last 2 and half years. In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors and photography as well as reading and using my computer .. I also consider myself a wannabe movie buff.

cathy currie
Cathy Currie

I live with my two dogs, Max and King.  I am originally from Hamilton, ON.  We drove here from Hamilton in a 1974  We had to drive ahead of a tornado in Saskatchewan.  That was an exciting trip!  I have loved weather all my life.  People tease me about The Weather Network being my favourite TV show.  It's true.  I have a need to know which way the wind is blowing or what time the sun is going down. 

Dave Studer
Dave Studer

I have always been interested in the weather and have lived in a few different regions of Canada to experience those climates (from the Artic to Ontario and now Vancouver Island) Weather is always an important consideration when traveling off the island. Many times in the winter, travel plans must be changed or cancelled because ferries and float planes cannot operate safely.Sometimes this can be disappointing for sure but generally I think islanders take it in stride.

candy potter
Candy Potter
I have lived in beautiful Revelstoke all my life ~ love living here. We definitely get a lot of snow! Following the weather has always been a passion of mine and often have The Weather Network on for updates. I am excited now to be apart of this team and be able to report back. Other interests include: gardening, computers, cooking, photography and music.
christopher johnson
Christopher Johnson

I moved to the city Richmond BC Canada 1984, I was born 1974, and lived in Winipeg when i was a child.

brett sheppard
Brett Sherwood
Salmon Arm
I was born in Nakusp BC and raised in here Ii am a golf course turf care specialist. my interests are weather ( of course) fishing , camping , outdoor activities of just about any kind. I have two mostly grown children from my first marriage and 3 mostly grown children frrom my current marriage . I am a avid flyfishier so knowing what the weqther is going to be doing is really important I also spend alot of time trail riding on my quad.
I am fascinated with how the weather changes daily and like to be informed about it. I like to take pictures and travel. I'm also fascinated with severe weather like Tornadoes and Thunderstorms but the area of Canada where I live doesn't get a lot of severe weather. At other times when I'm taking a break from weather, you'll find me hanging out with my friends, surfing the web, playing some sports or just being lazy.
alexander bridgeman
Alexander Bridgeman
I've been living in Surrey my entire life and have been fasinated with weather ever since the '2008' winter season in the lower mainland. Other then that I can honestly say that i've fallen asleep more times to your channel then any other channel on TV. It sometimes drives family members crazy when I turn to your channel every commercial segment. Keep up the good work, guys.
cindy procter
Cindy Procter
I am 44 and a mother to 3 grown daughters and have been happily married to my husband for 28yrs. I have lived in the North Okanagan area of BC all my life and have always enjoyed our weather. We get all the seasons and rarely ever any extreme weather. I never complain about our weather I love all our seasons in this area. I have always enjoyed a good storm, our beautiful hot sunny days and enjoy playing outside in the snow with my dogs and kids.

rick meister
Rick Meister
Growing up in Saskatchewan I must say the weather was a way of life. I now live in Vancouver and many may not know but we do have extreme weather on the west coast. Generally it is fairly temperate but when nature strikes it does it with awesome force. I am a computer engineer, avid outdoors man and nature lover.
I was Born in Vancouver BC, lived there for 4 years, spent the next 12 years in Nanaimo, before moving to Esquimalt BC where I have been ever since. I am a Stay at home more and I homeschool my Children and help raise my Grandbaby. I have been a steady observer of Weather for many Years now, as are most of my Children. We will enjoy sharing our crazy island Weather with all of you :)


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mariam penmen
Mariam Penment
I'm in Airdrie Alberta (just north or Calgary). I moved from Scotland in Dec 08 - just when the weather was hitting -40C in Airdrie - what a welcome! Looking forward to being a TWN weather observer and working with others in my area to keep people updated
lynn kozack
Lynn Kozack
Bow Island
I am a Fibre Artist working part time from home operating my own Custom Machine Embroidery business. I am also an amateur photographer who enjoys taking pictures of the sky, whether it's a storm brewing or just big puffy clouds.
adam havens
Adam Havens
I am a 22yr old from Calgary AB, I just move back to Calgary from North Vancouver for 2 years. I grew up in Airdrie for 19 years have always been fascinated by all sorts of weather from heavy snow falls to Thunder showers. I Enjoy taking pictures of all sorts of stuff and would like to become a photographer. Some of my other hobbies are Cars and Drag racing.
marlene newell
Marlene Newell
I am a wife, mother, and an avid cook.I spend much of my time testing recipes for a well known author. I divide my time at my cottage in Muskoka but call Oakville home so will be sending updates depending on where I am at the time.
di zimmer
Di Zimmer
Calgary NW

I am 57 years old retired and love weather....have all my kids would like to see me go back to school and take meteorology as it is such  passion of eyes are always observing and I love all weather!      My husband and I were recently living in Memphis TN and we have lived on the prairies and SW Ontario.  We farmed just a mile off of Lake Erie so we were constantly watching the weather for our crops.     Currently I have taken up golf and have 2 golden doodles whom I walk daily twice a day Being a Nana I love to plan outings

scott lummer
Scott Lummer
Edmonton (NE)
I am a high school graduate who has  been fascinated with weather patterns since I was a little boy. My interest was so commonly known that one of my elementary school teachers asked me to co-teach the grade 5 weather unit and made arrangements for me to meet, and help a local meteorologist create a forecast.  It it should be no surprise  that my career aspiration is to become a meteorologist and I am working towards achieving that goal.
lana and jeff
Jeff and Lana
Edmonton (SE)
We met while pursuing our common interest in solar astronomy and soon discovered that not only did we both love looking up at the clear night sky but that we both loved stormy skies as well. Jeff has his amateur radio licence and has participated as a trained weather spotter in the US. We currently relay severe weather statements for CANWARN.
james fleet
James Anthony
On the road Observer between Edmonton and Kamloops
I was born in Ontario but spent most of my life in British Columbia and Alberta. I have been interested in different forms of weather all my life and absolutely love being right in the middle of them. I travel frequently, which is nice regarding weather since it seems to be different everywhere.
nikii chan
Nikki Chan
I enjoy going to hockey games, taking my daughter to the park.  I find the weather interesting because (especially in Alberta) it changes so fast.  One minute beautiful sun, minute later rain then sun again or sometimes sunny with rain!!  But my favorite is thunder storms!!!
janeen felix
Janeen Samson
Fort McMurray
I am orginally from Nova Scotia but have been lifing in Fort McMurray for 5 years.
Alberta sure does have some exciting and not so exciting weather. I was a victim of the Hailstorm that happened here in July 2007. It was devasting.
JoAnn Dempster
For McMurray
I was born in Smiths Falls, ON, grew up in Hamilton and moved to Calgary in 1986. I married the love of my life in 2001 and in 2002 we moved to Richmond, BC. We moved here in Jan of this year and it's been a great experience so far. I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time walking my Airedale terrier, Dexter. I live to camp and this year got my own snowmobile. Presently I am not working... by choice. I support my husband by staying at home as he works crazy hours and this way we can spend time together when he is off. My son lives in Calgary with his wife and 1 grandson. I also have 2 step daughters who live in Edmonton. I like to experiment as a photographer with my SLR camera where ever I go. Enjoy cooking and a clean home is very important to me
jesica perry
Jessica Perry

I am a stay at home of two young children. A three year old girl, and a 5 month old boy. I spend my spare time with my two dogs and operate two home based businesses. Two and a half years ago I moved from Medicine Hat to Rainbow Lake and now we are moving again. This time just outside of Grimshaw/Peace River, Ab...hopefully we stay put this time.

jenn Gagne
Jenn Gagne
I grew up in Ottawa, and a small Ontario town called Westport.  My husband, daughter and I now live in Okotoks, AB!  I have a degree in Psychology, and love learning about anything and everything!  I have been interested in weather since I was a young girl listening to my Grandma's stories of the hurricanes and storms she lived through while growing up in Bermuda.  Every year we drive from one end of the country to the other, and I love photographing the weather we experience!
tracy sinbox
Tracey Byer
Leduc/Lac La Nonne
I am a 38 y/o mother of 4, married 17 years. I have always hated t-storms, In 2009, we were hit with a microburst while camping. It was very traumatic. After a couple emails with knowledgable people, I find myself learning to read and watch the weather with a renewed interest. Sure we get nervous at times, but not with every storm anymore. Now when I watch the skies, I assess and check out the radar screen from TWN. I grow more confident as I learn the good from the bad to the ugly.
chris macarthur
Chris Macarther
I am a grade 11 student and Ii love weather as I wish to be be a pilot. I also like welding which I do in school and I work at the DQ and love the outdoors. Weather is interesting and constantly changing in Lloydminster so I am happy to be a part of the team to keep everyone up-to-date
kelly groves
Kelly Groves
Medicine Hat

I spend a lot of time outdoors and love the weather, all of it!   I love nature and wildlife in general and have a passion for taking many photos which I look forward to sharing with everyone.  When I'm not outdoors, I'm working as a chiropractic assistant! I truly love my job and helping people receive natural health care they deserve! 

kara leigh
Kara Jones
I have always been fascinated with the weather. When I was a kid I was terrified of thunderstorms but also very amazed by them. Not surprising, my favorite movie was and still is The Wizard of Oz, because of the twister. I love to learn about the weather and how and why storms happen. I was born and raised in Alberta, and now live in Olds. I couldn't ask for a better place to live then Central Alberta to feed my weather addiction, but one day I plan to make down to Tornado Alley during storm season to see some real action!
shannon prentice
Shannon Prentice
Red Deer
I work for Canada Post. I enjoy being outside in all types of weather. In my spare time I love to watch and photograph extreme weather.I love extreme weather so much I plan to go storm chasing in the high plains of the United States.
shelley borle
Shelley Borle
Sherwood Park
I live with my husband, our two sons and our beagle. I am a stay at home mom, which keeps me very busy and active. I have always been interested in the weather and live in a part of Canada where we certainly experience all four seasons.


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Brett Warner - EWT 557
Brett Warner
I was born in England and came to Canada in 1978, I have always been an avid weather buff and love learning everything I can about what makes our weather what it is. I am also part of a small paranormal research team called 'CLPI' or 'Calling Lakes Paranormal Investigators Inc. Anything that can or can't be explained has always been interesting to me and I want to know how, why or what cause's it. I always keep a camera on hand whether it be for weather related pictures or anything that tends to 'appear.'
tamara dirkson
Tamara Dirkson

I am a stay at home, "part time" working mother of three wonderful boys.  I own and operate a small hair studio in my home. I am an amateur photographer & enjoy taking lightning photo's/ video from my "crows nest" (my 2nd story upper deck) my husband & I can watch storms roll in from the N/S west for 40 miles! I actually captured my first landspout tornado this past June right over the small village we live in, and had a short clip on the CBC news the following evening. 

debbie bauer
Debbie Bauer
Maple Creek
I, have lived in Maple Creek all my life.  Married a home town boy and started our own little farm and family.  We have 2 kids and enjoy farm life.  I am a stay at home and my husband works full time off the farm.  So I just chase the cows and the kids and that keeps my busy...We are only 20 minutes from Cypress Hills Park and about 45 min from Fort Walsh.. We have alot of tourists coming through our area in the summer and humters in the winter... We really do have our  " own little world"  in the world of weather. 
Barbara Campbell
I am 43 years old, married and reside in the Land of Living Skies. My husband and I moved to this province in 2000 from BC . We immediately fell in love with the wide open spaces but most of all the skies that go on for miles! When storms arrive, I can barely contain myself. I'm absolutely fascinated and in awe of their power and beauty. A former UFO and Paranormal researcher, I've narrowed my field down to unexplained animal deaths, assisting ranchers here in SK and AB as a forensic investigator. My work is purely voluntary. I have made a number of TV appearances, including History Channel's Monster Quest on A&E.
micheal lam
Michael Lam

Prince Albert

I am a Civil Engineer who is a part of the Graduating Class of 2011 from the University of Saskatchewan. I have also had a keen interest in the weather for a long time and am one of the few people I know that actually owns a weather radio. I love a good storm, and have been through some severe ones from time to time, whether it be snow in the winter or thunderstorms in the summer. I like to spend my free time in the summer at our cabin at Emma Lake, and also like visiting Prince Albert National Park. I am also an avid fan of all of our Canadian NHL teams, but most importantly – GO LEAFS GO!
cindy tait
Cindy Tait
Prince Albert
I am 37 years old, born and raised in Prince Albert.  Married and have 2 beautiful daughters named Faith and Kat.  I work part-time and take classes part-time.  My passion is animals and I do whatever I can to help them.
garry j
Garry Jopko
Rhein, SK, is a little agricultural community located 11 miles north and 11 miles east of Yorkton, SK. Over the years I have discovered that our particular community has weather that is invariably different from that of Yorkton. I am a member of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, South Division, and I am employed by the Yorkton Rural R. C. M. P. in their jail cells as a security guard. My wife and I also enjoy gardening and looking after our yard, which we are trying to turn into a butterfly and bird haven; we also belong to a family of eight cats
gail jopkos
Gail Jopko
I've always been interested in nature, including gardening, hiking, etc. When I was younger I enjoyed camping, cycling, horseback riding, swimming, too. Now we've added fishing and geocaching to outdoor activities. All of these require being aware of the weather! I'm glad we live in rural Saskatchewan, with its awesome sky-effects, and frequently stand staring at: thunderstorms, rainbows, meteor showers, lunar eclipses, flights of geese, Northern Lights, sundogs, etc. We have some amazing displays at times. :)
shayna jaymie
Shayna Jaymie Murray
Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan (does Dog River ring a bell?), I moved to the big city of Moose Jaw at 18 and have now been living in Regina for eight years. My husband and I had a baby girl in May so at the moment my career is on hold while I take advantage of the year off and stay at home with my little one. Being a former farm girl and having a passion for fishing, I'm a keen weather watcher! It's true what they say about Saskatchewan, if you don't like the weather just give it a minute, it will change...
joyce clements
Joyce Clements
I am a 43 year old married homemaker. I have two children,one attending University in Winnipeg and another son, 12 . I was born in Lanigan,SK and have lived around Canada in various provinces most of my life.I have been back here for 7 years now. My interests include gardening and of course weather. Mostly because without weather I wouldn't be able to garden.
joanne smith
Joanne Smith

I am married with two children and also am an Administrative Assistant. I enjoy sports and being involved in my children's activites. I love thunderstorms and my one dream is to chase a storm. I find storms fascinating. When I was younger I was afraid of storms but my sister taught me how amazing they really can be.

laura strong
Laura Strong

I orginally lived in Ontario but moved here 10 years ago. I really like how the weather changes so drastically and how interesting the sky transforms. I love to spend time in my flower gardens, and in the raspberry patch, when I am not working. I really like to take pictures of the skies, and the changes of the seasons.


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edwina david
Edwina David

Originally I am from The South Shore of N.S. but have lived in Thomason since Jan/09. I am the Mother of 3 grown girls and a Licensed Practical Nurse; / Certified Foot Care Nurse ~ Specialize in Diabetic Foot Care where I travel to northern remote communities of Northern Manitoba to provide Nursing Services. I love taking pics of clouds; even when flying.
I get an adrenalin rush due to anticipation of hurricanes in Atlantic Canada and love watching the updates.

constance tanguay
Connie Tanguay
St Lazare
Born and raised in the lovely scenic valley of St Lazare, I am a 45 yr old bookkeeper. I have 2 grown boys, oldest is studying Police Studies and my youngest is studying to become a Massage Therapist. I have been married for 21 years. I have always been facinated by clouds. Often on road trips, I try to work out images from clouds that are floating by
Katie coombs
Katie Coombs

Born in 1987 in Halifax NS, I moved to Winnipeg at the age of one. I moved to Whistler BC in the fall of 2007, where I was chosen as an Olympic volunteer, for alpine skiing, I had the time of my life but I Am now back home in Winnipeg. I love to watch the clouds go by, and the sunset. I play the clarinet and saxophone, as well as teach lessons, including swimming lesons. I have participated in triathlon's and I love hiking and just being outdoors in general!


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denise gabrek
Denise Gabrek
Alliston/Sauble Beach
My favourite things in life since I can remember has been big storms whether it be snow or thunder storms. I saw the big tornado in Orangeville in 1985 I was 8 years old at the time and since then have been fasinated by large storms and the adrenaline you get by watching their power. I now live in Sauble beach for all the summer months and Alliston Ontario in the winter. I have already witnessed some crazy storms off lake huron this summer and have a feeling I will be witnessing many more in the weeks to come
amy oconnor
Amy O'connor

I am a stay at home Mom to three kids and live in Arnprior, ON. I've lived here for almost six years. I am originally from the USA, and have lived in Canada for nine years.

hendrik pape
Hendrik Pape
I'm an IT (Information Technology) contractor living in rural eastern Ontario with my family. I've been a fan of the weather my entire life, since as long as I can remember. It's just been a passion that has always been there. I grew up in Northern Ontario and developed a love for nature and the outdoors early on and I guess my passion for weather came of that.
nicholas richard
Nicholas Richard
I am sixteen years old, and have been fascinated with the weather for as long as I can remember. Severe weather is my favourite, if it's here, I'm up all night tracking it. In the future I'm thinking of going into a field of meteorology. I'm so interested in the weather I keep my own daily weather log including previous days' highs and lows and amount of precip.. I enjoy taking pictures of the weather. I'm a weather freak!
ann marie
I have lived here now for 20 years. I grew up in Grimsby, Ontario. I am 47 years old. I have been married to my wonderful husband Kevin for 23 years, and have three sons and a daughter, plus a dog and two cats. My fascination with the weather (and astronomy) has been life-long. I am also owner/operator of a local weather website. Whenever there is interesting weather coming, you can bet I have the Weather Network on.
dan watkins
Dan Watkins
I am 29 years old. I have been interested in weather all my life, when a storm is rolling in to are area I am usallly tracking it on the radar.. i am also an amateur radio operator and am also a with CANWARN (trained sever weather spotter with enviroment canada) all in all I love weather and everything to do with it..
mike muloin
Mike Muloin

I am 15 years old, Weather is pretty interesting because it can change so rapidly, it keeps you on your toes. Another big chunk of my life is spent playing sports, road hockey, karate, and bowling, as well as the odd baseball or soccer game with friends. I am also an amateur photographer, I enter a lot of contest groups on Facebook and plan to enter in some local fairs.

bill dunphy jr
Bill Dunphy
I am married and have two girls. I've lived most of my life here in Southern Ontario near lake Ontario The county has been my start in enjoying the weather... The weather means alot to us it gives us the power to know how the roads are and what to expect in our daily lives careful out there and enjoy life to the fullest..
I'm 23yrs old. Been observing weather for a little while now Belleville ont has had some interesting weather lately
sarah s
Sarah Smith

: I am 32 years old, and have resided in Brampton since I was a child. I am a freelance writer who has a great interest in weather. I enjoy watching all kinds of weather, and especially love watching the beauty of storms. I love watching the Weather Network, checking on my local forecast & frequently follow the 2 week forecast so I can plan ahead.

Mark Fulford
Mark Fulford
HI I am 49 yrs old and married and we have four grown children and two grand children. I guess I can say why I am so interested in the weather is because I have lived in a few places in this country and have seen some great and not so great weather. I also love being involved with sharing what kind of weather we have. Other interests include playing music with my family; it is the only thing that I can do to relax, and enjoying each other’s company. It is all about having fun.
cora lee carter
Cora Lee Carter
Brampton 2
I am 41 years old, and have resided in Brampton for over 6 years. I am an administrative assistant, who is an avid weather fanatic. I enjoy tracking systems and storms on radar maps, watch forecasts daily, plan ahead with long range forecasts and the 14 day graph.
eileen mccusker
Eileen McCusker-Korczak

I am a self-proclaimed "Weather Freak". I usually check my app at least a dozen times in any given day, and have even been known to check it while TWN is on the Television! My ringtone is the STORM WATCH theme song! When I am not focused on the weather, I work as a Sales Rep. and Freelance Photographer.
I am a wife to a man that doesn’t share my love of storms-but pretends to; and a mother to 2 lovely young daughters, who delight me when they play "weatherlady" and report snow in July!

laura winger
Laura Winger
I have lived in a few different places in Ontario. I grew up in the Niagara Region, lived in Peterborough for a year, moved to Woodstock for two years, and have now settled in Brantford. I have always been fascinated with weather and how it works. Many of my friends think I'm a geek for how interesting I find it, but I can't help it! I live with my dog, Kloe, a border collie-beagle cross, and work as an elementary school French teacher. Coincidentally, my favourite unit to teach is always the one on the weather! When I'm not checking the weather, I like to be outdoors enjoying it and taking pictures of it!
denis covill
Denise Sanford
I am a lover of all kinds of weather no matter where I go in the world . First channel I turn on is the local weather network. I am 48 years old live with my livein boyfriend. Here in Brockville. It is a very nice city.
paul lucas
Paul Lucas
Nicknamed "the weatherman" since a young boy, I have always been intrigued by the weather.  From job shadowing with Environment Canada's meteorologists, to participating in TWN Storm line, I have always been on top of the weather. 
michael penner
Michael Penner

Born and raised in beautiful BC where weather conditions were a way of life. I recently moved to Cambridge in search of a new life with my two young children. I love taking photos of weather conditions, storms in particular because... well they're more interesting!

jacque beauvais
Jacques Beauvais
I am 22 years old and like making weather and other videos for my YouTube channel. I enjoy watching the Weather Network, wrestling and many other shows on TV.
samantha richie
Samantha Ritchie
I am 16 years old and have been interested in the weather since I was younger. I love taking pictures of the skies. Although I do fear thunderstorms, I still enjoy sitting up late at night awaiting the storms to end. I love being outside and I enjoy being able to update people around me of what the weather is like.
kevin seaboyer
Kevin Seaboyer
I am originally from the East Coast but moved here two years ago and loving every minute of it (even frosty winters).
kelli obrien
Kelli O'Brien-Vedder
I have been apart of the Canwarn program for about 10 years now//Extreme Weather team for about 5 years. Weather is my passion, all aspects of weather. I followed Earl from Yarmouth to Halifax, I love to "track" storms, always addition to day to day weather
tayna Aitken
Tayna Aitken

I am 32 and a mom to 3 kiddies! I am a nurse, but have decided to take some time off and stay at home with my little ones. My hubby and I have been married for 11 years, and we have a farm. I love the country! I have been a 'weather junkie' for as long as I can remember. I am not embarassed to say that I have a fear of storms. I am always checking the radars, and watching the skies. I have a slight obsession for paper crafting and gardening.

angela post
Angela Post
I have been curious about weather all of my life, from being scared of thunderstorms as a child, to reading about them and now understanding them as an adult. Now I love storms so much I even have a tattoo of a thundercloud and lightning bolt.
chris mcevoy
Chris McEvoy
I am 20 years old and was born in Hamilton ON. I have lived in Grimsby, ON where I lived most of my childhood life, Selkirk ON on a farm for . Then my i moved back to Grimsby, Niagara Falls amd southwest of London ON we finally moved to Dunnville and love and enjoy this town very much. I love weather. It has been motivating me to take pictures , videos and if you look on I have some on there under Your Weather Gallery.
brian McEvoy
Brian McEnvoy
I am 22 years old and I live in Dunnville and I love the outdoors like camping biking walking. I love watching TWN cuz it tells me alot about the weather.
Donna diva
Donna Spence
I was born in Ottawa,Ontario, but lived in London ,England, Chicago, Boston, Tokyo and Fort Smith, NWT. So, I have seen lots of different weather. I have lived for four years in Foymount, ON which was an RCAF Radar Station at one time, so we have the altitude for seeing the weather. I live with my husband, 7yr old son ,a dog, two cats, various tropical fish and one large Blue dragon eel.
darryl riddols
Darryl Riddolls
Played in several bands and travelled across the country and into the United States when I was young. Ventured into composing music for films,artists and commercials and still do to this day with home recording studio. Semi retired musician living with my common law, my 7 year old son, dog, 2 cats and a varity of fish. 2 Years ago we started up a DJ Entertainment Service that travels from Peterborough to Ottawa. Quite different than being in a band but still alot of fun.
shannon me
Shannon Summer Hayes
I have 2 children, ages 4 & 15. I was raised in Muskoka as a child...I love racing..We have a Race Team called TNT Racing..We race Karts at various tracks in Ontario...I absolutely love active weather..the most exciting part is the time leading up to when it hits, wondering what it will bring. .I have personally seen the Tornado in Barrie, Ontario, My house has been hit by lightning *very scarey* it started a small fire.. My favorite past time is taking photos.
shannon durnan
Shannon Durnan
I moved to Gravenhurst at the age of 3. I have always been fascinated by the weather we experience here and the change in seasons.

When I am not busy observing the weather I enjoy reading, watching movies, yoga and long walks with my dog.
christopher knapp
Christopher Knapp
I am a Carpenter and spend most of my working day outside, so the weather is very important to me as it can either help or hinder my employment. As a result of this I spend alot of time on the TWN web page checking for updates.
heather hall
Heather Hall
I'm a 20 year old Radio Broadcasting graduate born and raised in Guelph, Ontario. I've seen a wide variety of different weather events, but my favourite has to be severe thunderstorms and I am especially fascinated by the violently rotating columns of air that can descend from them: tornadoes. When I was younger, I used to be terrified of storms, but that fear has turned into a passion and I now keep track of storms around the world. I enjoy photographing all types of weather and sharing weather information with everyone.
Mark Newby
Mark Newby

I have had a passion for weather my entire life. The sheer power of a storm, the searing heat of summer and the biting cold of winter are all things that never cease to amaze me. I have always been the “go-to” guy at work and among family and friends when it comes to people just wanting to know what the weather is going to be. Since the weather is ALWAYS changing, there are always new things to learn.

I’m proud to be an official observer with The Weather Network and being able to share my knowledge of meteorology with others.

janice carson
Janice Carson

I'm a Hamilton native with a degree in Geography and Enivronmental Science studying climatology, soils, cartography and biodiversity. I work at a local outdoor education centre teaching science and nature programs. Much of my time is spent hiking through a forest! Aside from work, I really enjoy nature photography, bird watching, gardening, yoga, hiking, camping and many other hobbies.I'm a self-professed weather junkie and view radar images several times a day. In my spare time, I manage the homefront with three busy kids, a husband and two dogs.

dan mallette
Dan Malette
I am 45yrs old. I enjoy the great outdoors and what it has to offer (swimming, boating and fishing). When not outdoors, I enjoy writing Poetry just about anything that may come to my mind including the weather.I like sharing weather information with friends, family and all others, especially when we have very active and severe eather occurring or approaching.
Debbie Sterling
Debbie Sterling
I am a resident of South Frontenac Township located north of Kingston ON.  I enjoy lots of outside activities and knowing the upcoming weather is crucial.  I am fascinated by the power of weather and look forward to what each new day will bring.
tracy sylvain
Tracy Sylvain

I have a home Daycare, I love working with children. I am married and I love spending quality time with my family. In the last few years, I have taken more of an interest in the weather.

jennifer tyrrell
Jennifer Tyrrell
35 years old, works in health care Lives in Ingersoll, Ontario
judy currie
Judy Currie
Kakabeka Falls
I live in Kakabeka Falls, Ont. with my husband, two kids and two Border Collies. Kakabeka Falls is a small town 35 km. West of Thunder Bay. Most of our leisure time is spent outdoors enjoying nature. We usually can be found quadding and hiking on the weekends. I also enjoy photography, journalism, stargazing and of course active weather.
douglas archibald
Douglas Archibald
Kent County

My obsession of chasing severe weather started in 1994. Two years later, I bought a camcorder, and have been filming thunderstorms and their aftermaths ever since. Many of my extreme weather, video clips have been seen on TWN, A-Channel, CBC & CTV. In 2005 I began shooting still pictures. I joined The Weather Network's; Extreme Weather Team, 5 years ago. Environment Canada has provided me with CANWARN training for the last 4 years. Every year I report on dozens of weather related events to TWN & E.C. Most of my reports come from Chatham-Kent, Windsor-Essex & Sarnia-Lambton counties and from most of my vacations.

michael marlin
Michael Marlin
I am a father and a grandfather who loves to Fish, when I can I am at the water enjoying the outdoors and fishing, The only things in life that beat fishing is the love I have for my children and my better half Brenda
marianne wales
Marianne Wales
I was born in Napanee Ontario but now live in Kitchener. I love weather have always been interested in the varying degrees of different stormss...cells..and conditions all over the world. I love watching radar In my spare time I love listening to music..reading and spending time with my kids and friends and family.
brian meany
Brian Meaney

I first became interested in the weather as a child when a thunderstorm came through town. It was a hot day, 85 F and once the rather vigorous storm ended the temperature had dropped to 70 F. That was the hook that reeled me in. Ever since I've been an avid weather watcher and severe storm watcher. I first joined a weather watch team back in the 1980's with Environment Canada. I subsequently joined The Weather Network and recently completed the Spotter Network Training certification provided by the National Storm Research & Training Institute.

jason haney
Jason Haney

I was born in august of 1972 and have had a healthy respect for nature from day one.  My Mother is Ojibwe from Batchewana First Nation in the Sault.  I have lived and travelled all over Ontario and find myself amazed at the beauty and power of our mother earth.  I am an IT Service and Sales consultant, by day and when I have time, I travel the back roads of Ontario and find new spots to fish and enjoy nature. 

sharron torres
Sharron Torres
I have lived in Leamington - "The Sunparlour of Canada" all of my life. Since I am not a big fan of winter and all the snow that most of Canada gets, I enjoy our mild winters and the long spring and fall seasons. I also like thunderstorms, and we do get a lot of them....but not the damage that they can sometimes cause.
christina mcdonald
Christina McDonald
I was born in Toronto and moved to London when I was 5. Graduated Highschool in 1987. I'm a Home Manager. with a spouse who loves to take pictures. I grew up being terrified of storms until I watched the lightning from one and fell in love with the weather. I have three boys all in their teenaged years. In my spare time I like to read, write small articles for a local online newsletter and do arts and crafts.
crystal carter
Crystal Carter
Born in St. Thomas, lived in Toronto, now settled in London - I have been an avid weather watcher everywhere I have been. My husband likes the poke fun at how often I tune into TWN. I work as a graphic designer and in my spare time I like to cook and lounge around with my 2 cats.
Steve farrell
Steve Farrell
I'm 41 years old and work in the aviation field and have always been a interested in Weather. Ppart of my job includes working with Aviation flight plans after a pilot files one.
celine taillon
Celine Taillon
I am 47 years old.  I have been married to Robert, for over 27 years.  He is in the Canadian Armed Forces and we have had the honour of living all over our great country.  We have now settled down outside a sleepy village called Lyndhurst about a half hour north of Kingston ON.  I have a daughter Jackie, son in-law Corey and grand-daughter Sophia, who live in Belleville Ontario, and raised two wonderful young men, Richard and David, who are now living in Winnipeg. I enjoy gardening and golf, and hanging out with my four legged kids.
amy wright
Amy Wright
I am a stay at home mom to 3 children, ages 2, 6 and 8 and I always have an eye on the weather to be aware of what the day is going to be like. We enjoy being outside whether it be swimming, camping or just playing around and are always on the go. The warm summer months are definitely my favorite. Although once winter rolls in and Christmas is near I long for a good snow storm!!

nocholas tam
Nicholas Lam

I am a17 year old high school student. Ever since I was exposed to my kindergarten teacher's weather chart I became fascinated with weather. In addition, to specializing in various topics on geography and urban planning, i have started the Markham Weather Centre, a non-commercial, private weather station at my house, alongside with the Canadian Weather Centre and North American Weather Centre. I have kept track of the local weather since the age of 7

blake cabeldu
Blake Cabeldu
I was born in Guelph, ON when I was 4 I moved to Maryhill, ON about 15 minutes from Guelph. I love thunderstorms and watching and observing weather. Since I love observing weather so much here I am helping you stay prepared for bad weather to come! I love to play hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer... I also like to play vido games.
marian ball
Marian Ball

Before moving to Massy my husband and I lived in Carlisle, ON and had been coming up to this area for a number of years. When it came time to retire, we both agreed that it was the only place we wanted to be. We have one daughter, Tracy, who is married with a son and a daughter As a matter of fact she is an Account Executives at The Weather Network. We have a weather center that has given us much pleasure over the last number of years.

Antoinette Delarosbil
I am Dutch by birth, and come from a big family(5 boys, 5 girls).  I have been married-35 years to Emile-have one daughter Iris- 2 grandsons-Shawn and Jonathan, and a son-in-law-Jason.  My hobbies include camping, crafts, talking to people. Education is life itself. 
dee chester
Dee Chester
42 Year old mother of 3, Grandmom of 2.  Have lived in Midland here now for 7 years.  Lived in the city for over 30 years and it was sure nice to come home to small town living.  Some of my hobbies are watching the Weather Network, its always on.  Gaming online, movies, gardening and most of all spending quality time with my family.
stefan sokolov
Stefan Sokolov
I am a big weather fan. Tracking severe storms in Southern Ontario is such a great oppurtunity since we have the Great Lakes around us and produce amazing storms. Also I visit Florida a lot and during the summer, I also like tracking those typical Florida afternoon storms that pop up during the afternoon as the heating of the day develops.
justin bhatt
Justin Bhatt
North York
I am 23 years of age attending York University for Political Science. Since I was young, I developed an interest for weather and its happenings. Severe weather fascinates me, and I tend to track storms as they approach, occur, and pass. When I'm not in school or observing, you can often find me on the golf course, at the poker table, or taking photography all over the GTA.
meghan mack
Meaghan Mack
I am a 22 year old woman from Niagara Falls Ontario. I have been interested in weather since I was a child. I grew up in a small town called Havelock ON, and recently moved to Niagara Falls Ontario 9 months ago. I enjoy taking pictures of funnel clouds, severe storms and sunsets.
crystal shannon
Crystal Shannon

Currently self employed as a professional artist, specializing in the art of animals and nature. I am a true nature lover, enthusiest and keen weather watcher since a very young age. I truly have been mesmurized by the wonders of the mother nature. Anxiously monitoring the skies and radar for the latest approaching storm is one of the most exciting parts of my day. Born and raised in south western Ontario, with my eyes always watching out the window." 

treasure haines
Treasure Haines
I am a work-from-home mom who is fascinated by the weather and it's many facets.. from beautiful to furious.  I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, but moved to Ontario about 8 years ago.  I am a bit of a gearhead so I really like it when the weather is nice and I can hit the race track, but I enjoy watching a rousing thunderstorm just as much.  I have three kids, an awesome husband, two dogs, two cats, and some mice.  I am an avid gardener and very much enjoy being outdoors. 
murray berger
Murray Berger

I have beeen chasing storms for a number of years now in the Orangeville area as well as Northern Ontario in the last of September. I am a former police Officer. I have studied weather patterns and cloud types and continue to do so.Whenever there is a storm in our area i am out to photograph it.

colleen orillia
Colleen Tracey
I have lived in Orilia for 6 years and have always been fascinated with the power of lightening and thunderstorms. I luv sunny days in summer and crisp autumn days
heather rhind
Heather Rhind
Oshawa South

I am a registered nurse who has always been interested in the weather. I can still remember back to public school where I learned all about the weather and cloud formations. I enjoy watching programmes about weather anomalies and like to watch the weather radar. I remember how the skies looked in May 1985, during the Barrie tornado. While vacationing in Palm Beach Florida, I experienced first hand the 1993 superstorm which hit Florida. It was a very scary experience which taught me a lot about the importance of listening to weather forecasts, and being able to 'read the skies'.

jenn desrosiers
Jenn Desrosiers
Oshawa North
Born in Ajax, Ontario, currently reside in Oshawa, Ontario. Like the rest of TWN Observer's I've always been facinated by the weather. When their is a Thunderstorm/Lighteningstorm, instead of running for cover in the comfort of my home, you can find me outside watching the action, and taking pictures .... of course always watching for my safety. My friends always come to me and joke "So Jenn what's the weather going to be like today?" I swear I got into the wrong profession.
drew gibbon
Drew Gibbons
I am a 31 year old father of 4 happily married and have lived in Ottawa all my life. I love weather when others are running for the basement during tornado warnings I am running around the house calling everyone I know to let them know about the warninig all the while looking out the window to watch something special. I work in the telecommunications field but secretly wish I was out there chasing storms in the field.
steve turner
Steve Turner
Owen Sound
I have lived all across this wonderful country of ours, from Nova Scotia, Alberta, and lots of places in Ontario. Every place with it`s own unique weather. I drive truck which gives me all kinds of weather to deal with as well. I love severe thunderstorms, it really gets my heart pumping with excitement. I love the weather and always need to know what is going on here at home or around the world.
jay callaghan
Jay Callaghan
I am 31 years old, born and raised in Peterborough and the father of two energetic boys. I have been interested in weather for as long as I can remember and have been teased about my real calling being that of a meteorologist. I have a fascination with all types of weather but am a big fan of thunder storms (primarily at night) as I love to try and catch the moment on camera. I hope to be able to help keep viewers in and around the Peterborough area updated on current condition as well as share some weather-related photos with the group.
Cindy Ellen Morgan
Cindy Ellen Morgan
Cindy Ellen Morgan has lived in Peterborough since coming to attend Trent University in 1975. She loves being a student so much that she is currently a graduate student pursuing an M.A. in History. Cindy Ellen spent her career in media and public relations, which makes writing lengthy essays easier. She is also a musician who plays with a medieval ensemble, and has a mighty tenor voice. Cindy Ellen spends most of her TV time watching the Weather Network, and can sing all of the jingles!
karis callander
Karis Callander
I have always enjoyed the weather! My friends and family call me their "Early Warning System" as I like to predict snow days, fog days and stormy weather by analyzing the weather maps. We live on the outskirts of the "snow belt" and get some interesting weather. It can be sunny at our house, drive 5 minutes down the road, and hit a wall of rain or snow or both! When there is active weather coming our way, I can always be found with The Weather Network on TV or my computer tracking the storm!
amanda bellmeyer
Krystal Pepper

I was born in eastern ON and bounced around between different areas of eastern ON, and SE ON for most of my childhood, I lived in Spruce Grove, Alberta for a few years, and settled in Prescott, Ontario. I have witnessed many different things having to do with weather, and developed a passion, respect, and love for everything to do with weather. I'm a very proud mother to three amazing children, have a wonderful boyfriend who I'm engaged to, and we all enjoy the beauty of nature!

andy walton
Andy Walton
I was born in Kenora, ON, and now reside north of Uxbridge ON. I'm a "fan" of weather, especially severe storms, and an amateur researcher of historical North American tornadic events. I think my interest in tornadoes began with the Barrie tornado of 1985 and the 1979 Woodstock events. I'm intrigued by all tornado information and news, be it movie, book, video, or research. In my spare time, I play bass guitar in a Toronto-based rock band and I also enjoy photography, nature hikes, and hanging out with my wonderful family."
krystal pepper
Amanda Bell-Mayer
I am a self proclaimed Weather fanatic. From childhood I have always been fascinated with the forces of Mother Nature. She never ceases to amaze me. I am an Interior Decorator with Benjamin Moore and the weather is a big part of my job. . To this day I am the only one outside with a camera while everyone is running for shelter. We get some amazing storms in our area. I look forward to sharing stories and pictures with all of you!
Patrick Daniel
Patrick Daniel
28 years old. Born and raised in Sarnia, ON. Studied Computer Systems Technician and Media Fundamentals at post secondary school and I’ve worked in television and film. Currently acting and working behind the scenes on a full-feature film being shot locally in Sarnia and expected to be released sometime in 2012. Became interested in storms after the release of the movie "Twister." I love taking photos of thunderstorms. Future goal: To witness a tornado.
patrick mcmahon
Patrick McMahon
I am a 26 year old television production assistant that has been interested in storms for many years. I am always one of the first ones in my area to know when storms are approaching and can always be seen out taking pictures or videos of the storm.
brandon edwards
Brandon Edwards
I am a 15 year old high school student.  I have always loved the weather.  I even remember when I was around five years old, I would always print out the four day forecast from the comptuer and do the news forecasts to my family.  Even now, I am the one to let my family who knows whether or not the big snow storm will hit us or if we should turn on the air conditioner.  I am a very outdoorsy person and an avid outdoor photographer, so weather is a huge part of my life.
chris reid
Chris Reid
Sault St Marie
I'm 24 years old and have lived in Sault Ste Marie my whole life. My favorite hobbie is to watch and study storms. I love how powerful they are and want to learn more about them everyday. My dream is to one day be a storm chaser, to gather all the information about storms and to help people stay safe from them.
brian bradbury
Brian Bradbury
Sault St Marie

I am married with 3 adult children also 1 step son at home and 3 beautiful Grandchildren. I had been a EWT member back in 1996-2000 With so much to enjoy in the Media including, The Weather Network , I have also Volunteered in the past for Rogers Community 20 in Kitchener and numerous Radio Station’s in Southwestern Ontario. I also have worked with community events and Venues such as Cambridge Fall Fair and the KW United Way.

travis d
Travis De maria

I have been interested in weather my entire life, since about 6 years old. So much that my friends and peers at school referred to me as "the weather boy". To date, I still hold a strong interest in weather especially severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, and other extreme weather events. I operate a weather blog during the winter season.

tony desantis
Tony DeSantis
Stoney Creek
I have just finished my 25th year as a high school geography teacher. During my undergraduate years I studied climatology, hydrology and cartography.
maryann williams
MaryAnn Williams
I am 43 yrs old, and own my own mobile mechanics business, servicing aerial manlifts in the province of ON and BC. I am a private pilot, and own my own plane. I am married and have a 15 yr old son, I have always loved weather, in particular, thunderstorms. They are so fascinating, the awesome and raw power they exhibit! In my spare time, you can usually find me out on my motorcycle or in the backyard pool.

randy gunn
Randy Gunn
St Catharines

I am 33 years old and I was born and raised in St. Catharines, ON and still live in the city with my wife, 2 cats and my dog.   I have been interested in weather for as long as I can remember and I have a fascination with thunder storms.  I hope to be able to help keep viewers updated on current conditions as well as share some weather-related photos with the group.

andrew b
Andrew Buttigieg
St Thomas
I am a graduate of St. Joseph's High School in St. Thomas. I will be going to Fanshawe College this Fall to take Broadcast-Journalism. I take a great interest in active weather. I am not any meteorologist, but whenever active weather strikes, I make sure that I flip on the TV to TWN
mark robinson
Mark Robinson
I am a Sudbury, native. who enjoys bowling and curling. I have had a passion for weather ever since I was a young boy. and hope to join the Weather Network's on- air team and work on all kinds of severe weather stories. I love going camping, relaxing & swimming. Traveling is another pastime I enjoy. I am happy to help out by being a weather observer on the TWN site.
Ashley trainor
Ashley Trainor
I was born and raised in Sudbury, ONT. I have been with my fiance for 5 years now and we have an adorable 3 year old son. I'm a stay-at-home mom and wouldn't change it for the world. I believe in thinking positive and keeping an open mind on things in life. I enjoy reading, listening to music, watching TV and spending time with my family.
lisa walker
Lisa Walker

I am 37 yrs old and Married to my wonderful Hubby for 17 ys, I am stay at home Mom/housewife  with three boys, twins 16 and a 12 yr old.   Our family loves the weather!! I love the outdoor and being in my garden. In the winter we are out snowmobiling and ice fishing in the great North we live in.  My fav thing is watching a good thunderstorm that lights up the sky :)   My twins are always looking at the weather and telling us what kind of clouds are in the sky.  We moved to Temagami 3 yrs ago and LOVE it here. 

ramona cheasson
Romona Chiasson
Terrace Bay
I'm a 30-something homeschooling mother of 7. I love to craft and to be outside as much as possible. We've been living here in Terrace Bay for 5 years now and I can't imagine a better place to live and raise my kids!
Rick ackert
Rick Ackert
I have lived in Thamesford for 16 years, I work for the local Township. For as long as I remember I have watched TWN. I also love sitting and watching storms roll in either at home or at the cottage in Grand Bend. In my spare time I coach minor hockey.
brenda mcquaker
Brenda McQuaker
Thunder Bay
I grew up in Stouffville ON, and lived most of my life in Markham. I moved to SW Ont in 2001 where being in tornado alley peaked my interest. I moved to Thunder Bay,with my husband and daughter, a childhood dream to come here and finally I am. I am fascinated with how the weather changes daily and like to be informed about it. I like to take alot of scenery pictures and weather related pictures, especially since i caught a waterspout over lake superior this summer. No matter where I go or what I'am doing Ii always have my camera with me.
jamie varga
Jamie Varga
Thurder Bay

I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario, arguably where weather comes from. I have always worked in fields where weather dictates what and when I do anything! Being an avid fisherman I rely upon weather forecasts everyday. My mission in being part of the TWN team is to assist in making our forecasts as accurate and timely as possible for those who rely upon them like I do.

joy davis
Joy Pearson Davis
I am a retired school teacher who loves to garden, read, swim, bike and play with my two grandkids. I was raised on a farm so weather has always been an important part of my life. I like to take pictures of kids, flowers and weather.
jenn cumming
Jennifer Cumming

I work in the office of a family owned Plumbing and Heating company.  Anytime someone needs to know about the weather they know I'll have the weather network up in a window on my computer, I check it several times a day, especially as weekends get closer, hoping for a favorable forecast to enjoy some outdoor activities.   As much a I love a good thunderstorm, I would say my favorite weather is a lovely sunny day with warm temperatures.

Jack h
Jack Henry

I am a grade 9 student and I have been fascinated with weather since my grandma watched The Weather Network for the times the sun would rise and set each day. I enjoy web design and carpentry. I also have a huge love for cats. I enjoy watching storms. I have never seen a tornado but I want to, I would love to be a storm chaser!

steve horn
Steve Horn
Toronto - Downtown
I am 24 and currently attending college for culinary management.  I have been interested in weather all my life.  I have been through 2 hurricanes , 2 tornadoes, 2 lightning strikes and 3 tropical storms while living in Florida and Oklahoma. I enjoy the outdoors and sports.  I would like one day to study in the field of weather in my spare time. 
pat latendresse
Pat Latendresse
I am 53 and a stay a home wife and I love looking out my window with my cat Budda to catch any weather we can.. I live near io one of Canada's main military air bases. so weather plays a big role in life here.
scott toles
Scott Toles
Wasaga Beach

I am 45 and was born in Wallaceburg, Ontario, but now reside in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. My partner and our pets moved about three years ago from downtown Toronto for a change of pace and a more relaxed way of life. I’ve always had an interest in weather and as I work from home, I am able to see the weather changing rather quickly. Our visitors rely heavily on weather forecasts when visiting for their seasonal activities as we do as residents locally on the waterfront. The Weather Network has become our "goto" station or online for all of our weather needs and updates.

Allan Burr
Allan Burr
"I was born and raised at Forest, Ontario and now live in Waterford, Ontario. In 2008 I retired as a Baptist Pastor from the Bloomsburg, ON Baptist Church. I was in the ministry for 32 years. We still do preaching and work as well part time at the local funeral home. I am married to Lynnda and we have four children and six grandchildren. My hobbies include a great interest in weather, photography, model railroad, and a rail road fan (watching the big trains).
carolyn bennett
Carolyn Bennett

I was born in Pembroke, Ontario. I moved to the GTA 25 years ago and now live in Whitby. Currently I am a manager at a major retailer. I am the youngest of 6 children. I was married in 1993 and am the mother of a 15 year old son. I love weather, I follow major weather stories on tv. I am awed by the sheer power, beauty and destruction of weather. I think I like chasing that which can not be caught or explained. Someday I would like to go on a tour with tornado chasers in the US. I am also a paranormal investigator with a Canadian paranormal investigation team.

tara nicholson
Tara Nicholson

I am an artist, photographer, mother of 3 & librarian & graduate of St. Lawrence College. I am a constant observer of nature & fan of the weather network since it's beginning. I seldom go anywhere without my camera. I even dream with a camera in my hand. Finding the beauty or unusual in nature is my past time. Watching the weather is instinct. I read the clouds, smell rain & snow before it comes, feel the electricity before a thunder storm, revel watching lightening and have a barometer in my bones.

candice g
Candace Giesbrecht
Im a 25 year old international electronic music vocalist and promoter. I have been travelling the world since I was 18 years old and still find the most interesting weather is here in Windsor, Ontario. When I was 10 I seen my first Tornado, The reason I want to be a TWN observer is I believe people need more warning, and need to know what to do in frightening weather conditions, as I've studied it on my own for years, I figured I could help those people out. So here I am!
samantha sramek
Samanth Sramek

I'm 20 years old and I've grown up in Windsor.. I have always been fascinated the the weather and the different condition that can arise. Although we do get a wide variety of weather in Windsor, I would love to travel and see the things that don't occur here.

michael samivand
Michael Samivanc
I love weather I find it amazing. I was born in Toronto Ont but later moved to Windsor Ont. Im great at school and love learning i have one brother and 2 dogs and 2 cats. I watch the weather network every day when I wake up and whenever I have the time to
tarek khalil
Tarek Khalil
I arrived in Canada, specifically Hamilton, Ontario, on August 2005 from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. It’s an arid desert climate with 1/7th Toronto’s average annual rainfall. Its summer is 6-9 months of the year and "winter" the remaining.

So with no surprise I got hooked on Canada’s fast changing and active weather. I experienced the August 19th, 2005 Ontario severe storms. I had no clue what was going on, and I was frightened yet amazed at the same time. Later that year saw my first snowflake and ice storm! I am quite knowledgeable on the weather, able to read a variety of charts/images and observations, and use basic meteorological knowledge. I can spot active weather outdoors as well.

Thanks to Chris Scott who was a big help in my early years watching him explain the weather on TWN. I graduated with a B.Eng., looking to study meteorology, and currently live in beautiful Ottawa, Ontario.
kevin staron
Kevin Staron
I have always been interested in weather. When I was younger, I would always watch the lightning flash and enjoy the snow falls as a kid. Now I enjoy tracking the weather systems and always try to get some nice photographs from Mother Nature. I enjoy traveling and sightseeing especially in Northern Ontario as it is so beautiful and peaceful. My favorite time of the year is in the Fall to Winter transition as this is when I find it the most interesting in regards to weather patterns,storms and the amazing fall colors this country has to offer. I will try my best to keep everyone informed on the current weather forecast and of any upcoming storms in my area.
nathan powell
Nathan Powell
I have shown interest in the weather since I was young boy. As I grew up, I would always ask my Father about it. At The Age of 13 I was more interested in how things were formed in the atmosphere. So I received a book on Canada's weather for Christmas. I am now 16 and have a lot of knowledge on how the weather works, also I love to track storms and watch the sky.
lori jerome
Lori Jerome
I am a single mom of FIVE and grandmother to 6 :) As a Wellness Coach I enjoy helping people to get healthy from where ever they are at when they decide to start on the health journey. I have been a weather buff pretty much since the F5 Tornado that ripped through Edmonton in the late 80's since I lived through that when it happened. I have lived in all 4 western provinces and 2 states and currently I am newly arrived in Windsor ON. In each place I have had to relearn the skies.......the cloud formations are generally the same except when a storm comes. Because weather plays such a big role in the lives of us Canadians I love being able to tell others what the weather is like and what the forecast is going to be for my area in case anyone is travelling through.
lea anne cheney
Lea Anne Cheney
Hello weather fans, my name is Lea Anne I am 26 years old and a mother of 4 beautiful children and married to a wonderful man. I am very pleased to be one of your Official TWN observers for the Ottawa area. Since I was a little girl I have been interested in the weather and have been through many different kinds of weather. I promise to do my best in keeping you updated with all your weather information. Have a wonderful day!!!!
Jake Rogers
Hello my names Jake Rogers and I’m 16 years old. I am interested in being a radio DJ and in studying meteorology. The reason I am an observer is because I like tracking storms and I love to report weather that’s happening in Oshawa. I never knew much about weather until I was 12 but grew to understand what causes tornadoes, thunderstorms, etc. I’m proud to be an observer.
Shannon Klatt
Lisa Callaghan-Goddard


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andrew g
Andrew Goldberger

I am a 23 years old who has always found the weather quite interesting. From a very young age, I was fascinated about where thunder storms come from. I have always found it exciting when my home city would get their first snow as well. In my spare time, I like to bike and do volunteer teaching courses as my career is Special Needs Education.

neil blaikie
Neil Blaikie

I'm 32 originally from London, UK but have been living and working in Hudson, Quebec on the Lake of Two Mountains 2005. I have 2 kids and a brother who lives and works in Hong Kong. I have lived in a few different places . Bahrain (Arabian Gulf - dry humid and very hot in summer), Vanuatu (small group of islands 1500km off the East coast of Australia – island paradise), saw firsthand the power of 2 hurricanes and finally the Philippines (saw the devastation caused by the Mt Pinatubo volcanic eruption). I have always been fascinated with the weather and seem to have a good eye for approaching storms,

New Brunswick

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natalie tapley
Natalie Tapley
Chance Harbour
I reside in the village of Chance Harbour, on the Bay of Fundy, thirty minutes from the City Of Saint John, NB. I am retired, married to Eric and have 3 sons who are all young men now. I live in an area where there are 3 working fishing villages. Chance Harbour, Dipper Harbour and Maces Bay. My home sits on the shores of The Bay of Fundy where I have an open view of the Bay and is also the main shipping lane for all traffic heading into the Port of Saint John.
dennis rose
Dennis Rose

I was born in Lachine QC, and had lived in Brockville ON for the past 28 years until recently.  In May of 2010 my wife and I decided to move and build our new home in Charlo NB on the Bay of Chaluer.  I have always had an interest in weather patterns and how they impact all us living across Canada.  My father in law is a retired tug boat captain and can predict weather just by looking outside and reminds me to dispose of the weather station I have mounted outside.  We challenge each other daily to predict what's going to happen. 

jim allan
Jim Allan
I am a retired member of the Canadian Forces, after 22 years of service in '02 to our great country of ours. Originally from northern Ontario, Sudbury to be specific, I now hang my hat in Charters Settlement, NB (just west of Fredericton). I'm currently employed as a civilian worker at CFB Gagetown. I am married 15 years, and have 2 kids. I've been an armchair weather forcaster now for 3 years, but have always been interested in weather!
vibert amy
Amy Vibert
Orginally from Bathurst, NB, now reside in Dieppe, NB. I am 27 years old who has always had a passion for the weather. I have always kept an eye open for bad weather apporaching and checking up on the rest of the world for any possible bad weather. I espically enjoy tracking tornados and love summer (rainbows), my favorite season of the year.
Nicole leger
Nicole Leger
I"m from Dieppe, NB and never left lol.. I have always loved watching the Weather Network and just love stormy nights the lightning and of course the hot sunny days.. I also got engaged this summer to the love of my life and can't wait to be married July 27th, 2012.
sue parr
Sue Parr

I am a retired 54 yr old mother of two and grandmother to 5. I have lived in Fredericton all but 6 yrs of my life and think its the most beautiful City in NB. I'm an avid animal lover and believe a house isn't a home unless it contains one.  We currently have one small "Morkie" named Mindy and an SPCA cat named Dora. I love clouds, thunder and lightning storms and photography.

tom jenicek
Tom Jenicek

I work in the Telecom industry.  I grew up in Montreal, lived in Ottawa and Toronto, and settled in '98 in Irishtown. I can often see active weather approaching, or developing in the area. My rooftop weather station keeps me in touch with the technical aspect of weather. I am a proud Dad of a 12 year old, a Little League baseball and a Basketball coach I've travelled extensively and call myself a collector of fossils, antique post cards, and sports memorabilia, I love active weather, especially thunder, lightning, and blizzards. Summer cannot get hot enough.

jamie price
Jamie Price
Keswick Ridge

I have been married for 17 years and have 3 beautiful children. My hobbies include  fly fshing, conoeing, assistant coach for little league baseball, making maple syrup and anything else in the great outdoors.

shawn khan
Shawn Khan

I grew up in Saint John NB. I have had a passion for weather for  my entire life. I am always tuned into TWN and I am always on the look out for weather.

ed gilchrist
Ed Gilchrist
I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and emigrated to Saint John ,in the late 1980's, I lived in Saint John until the year 2000 when my wife and I moved to the suburb community of Quispamsis about 20 minutes North East of Saint John, life and weather in the Kennebecasis Valley is pleasant and we get to enjoy a little more open space and on most days, except really bad ones, we escape the Bay of Fundy fog. Two years ago my family bought me an outdoor weather station and it's made that Canadian pastime of weather a little more interesting.
mike sheehan
Mike Sheehan
Saint John
Hello, I live in Saint John NB where I have spent my entire life,I am married and have 3 children who are now for the most part grown. I have been an avid weather watcher myself for as long as I can remember, any/all storms are what I really enjoy watching or being out in. My main source of weather is snow, mind you I do not do many winter activites, but if theres a good snowstorm brewing, I will be the only fool out driving in I also have one pet cat , who owns the place..named Frosty, he is pure white and spoiled to the hilt.
randy hall
Randy Hall

I live in Sussex, NB with my wife. I enjoy watching and playing hockey, cycling, hot air ballooning and snowmobiling. Hot air ballooning is very weather dependant so when we want to go ballooing, I am always keeping a close eye on the weather. I also enjoy watching storms, especially snow storms. Many people think I am crazy, but I really enjoy winter and all the snow that comes with it. The more snow the better!"

jennifer mcallister
Jennifer McAllister

I grew up in Florenceville, NB. I got married in July 2009 and currently reside with my husband and our 2 year old son in Tilley, NB. I am a full time stay at home mom who constantly has her eye on the weather and thought being a weather watcher would be something fun for me to do. I enjoy spending time with my husband and son, visiting friends and am an avid photographer.

Nova Scotia

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sarah hawks
Sarah Hawks
I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario until I got married. I now live in Amherst NS, where I now do child care and photography. I love the weather and in particular major storms. I love learning how to understand how a forecast is gathered and how weather works. One day I'd love to go back to school and take meteorology. As a child I used to always have theweathernetwork on my TV, now I check the website all day.
evan dahl
Evan Dahl
I will be a Grade 9 Student in September and have many interests which include the Weather, Reading, Dispatch Work and Local Fire Departments. I like keeping people informed around me of what is going on in their area. I am heavily involved in the Local Fire Department and am serving as a Junior Firefighter. In my spare time I love relaxing, listening to fire calls and going for walks. I am pleased to be able to be a Official Weather Network Observer and to help keep everyone up to date
lori fader wambach
Lori Fader-Wamback
I was born and have lived all my life in a little community called New Grafton which is tucked in very close to Kejimkujik National Park. I am a sucker for cats and have four of them, I like to fish, play my guitar and enjoy video games and taking pictures. Love gardening in the spring/summer so am always keeping an eye on the weather which I do find interesting! I spend lots of time on my computer and love getting together with good friends and family.
lisa hodder
Lisa Hodder
I am Married with a 5 year old daughter. I have a cat who is 10 years old. I enjoy reading, playing scrabble, baking and being with my family. I am also an avid weather watcher, as potential natural disasters freak me out! watch The Weather Station all day every day when its Hurricane Season. The East Coast has seen its fair share of damage from such natural disasters and I like to be prepared!!
amanda deEll
Amanda DeEll

I am 28 years old and reside in Halifax NS, originally from the Annapolis Valley.  I have always had a fascination for weather, particularly the clouds and the way they form.  I used to watch the Weather Network everyday as a kid and pretend I used to know all about the weather.  Now I love watching storm-chasing videos and seeing radar shots of intense storms forming, although it is rare to get many severe thunderstorms in Halifax.  

teresa ann riach
Teresa Ann Riach
I am from Hilden,Nova Scotia, and have developed an interest in extreme weather over the last couple of years, I have worked as a photographer and now one of my hobbies is tracking hurricanes and severe storms and photographing them when they make it to Nova Scotia. When most folks are getting inside for a storm...I can be found out chasing it :)
maureen hemphill
Maureen Hemphill

I am retired and living in Kentville, Nova Scotia. I am an avid artisan and bird watcher. Since moving to the valley from Cape Breton I have noticed a big difference in weather patterns and that has sparked an interest in weather watching.  I am also interested in the interactions of my animals  to incoming weather.

Wendy Ricketts
Wendy Ricketts

I'm a 44 year old married mother of two teenagers. I live in the middle of the Annapolis Valley. I have lived in this area most of my life, other than a short while in West Africa as a volunteer and four years spent in Alberta. Like many people, I've always had an interest in the weather, and grew up in a family who paid close attention to what the weather was doing. My family relied on the harvest from the vegetable garden each year and it was a very rare day indeed that the weather was not discussed at least once.

allister alders
Allister Aalders
Lower Sackville

Hi, I'm Allister, an oberserver for The Weather Network. Weather affects the lives of Canadians every day. What to wear, how to dress, daily activities or plans and time with the family. I’m happy to be able to provide you with the weather around Lower Sackville/Halifax and even on my travels. Weather is a big part of my life. It was back when hurricane Juan hit it 2003 that it made me realize what weather can do. I remember driving around seeing trees down and all the damage. It was life changing for people...I have to say, my favorite weather presenter is Natalie Thomas. She is very professional and I am very happy I had the chance to meet her. I hope someday I will stand at TWN’s Green Screen and present Canada the weather. Although I am a very busy person, I will post my weather when I can... And feel free to follow me on twitter @allistercanada.

bill buick
Cape Breton

I am 58 year old disabled man. I share this beautiful home with my wife Shannon and son Josh. I have lived all across Canada and recently moved to beautiful Louisdale Cape Breton Island. I have always been interested in the weather.. My one hobby is photography and now that we are settled or almost settled I hope to be able to get out and get some great photo's of this area.

David Brown
David Brown
Millford Station
phillip mcneil
Philip McNeil
New Victoria

I've always been interested in the weather, and living on a busy harbour, Ii get to see a lot of cruise ships, the NFLD Ferries, Tankers, Etc. What I really like is in the winter, when the ice floes come in, I love to watch the coast guard ice breakers come to the rescue of the traffic in Sydney harbour.

ilonka alexandra
Ilonka Alexander
Port Maitland
I definitely can be called a "Come From Away". I was born in Chicago and grew up in La Jolla and Beverly Hills and spent some of my career as a psychotherapist in Boston and Los Angeles. In 1994 I moved to NS to marry and begin a new life. A few years ago I became a dual citizen. I am discovering my Eastern European and Italian heritage and enjoy photography, travel, gourmet cooking, weather world-wide as well as the NFL. Most of my posts may be in the F scale as that is the only outside thermometer I have at this time (and the only one I truly understand).
tracey hilliard
Tracey Hilliard

Greetings from Cape Breton! I am a Mom of 2 boys(ages 13 and 2) and wife to Mike for just about 19 years now.  I work full time outside the home as a credit supervisor.  TWN is a huge part of our day as it's always on the TV, and at our fingertips on laptops and blackberries!  Looking forward to providing you with weather-related info from our fair Isle!

mike hillard
Michael Hilliard
The Weather Network, Environment Canada Radar, and various other sites are as much a part of my day as brushing my teeth, and saying "Good Morning" to my wife. Who, by coincidence, is Weather Watcher Tracey Hilliard of Sydney, NS. The weather plays a major part in our lives. While Tracey works in Sydney, where we live, I work 15kms away in the town of Glace Bay.
Allana Bowles
Allana Bowles
Sydney (3)

I've lived in the community of Grand Lake Rd. my whole life.  I work as a Registered Nurse at our local Regional Hospital and also volunteer as a firefighter at our local fire station.  The weather is always a topic of conversation in Cape Breton, so I'd like to take the opportunity to let you in on the discussion!!  Looking forward to bringing you observations from Grand Lake Rd.

dana osmond
Dana Osmond
I grew up in Grand Falls-Windsor NL, then lived in Vermont, USA, before settling down near Yarmouth Nova Scotia earlier this year.  Besides wild weather, I love gardening, photography, golfing and laughing with friends. I Am an excellent cook. Because of my passion for gardening, I am interested in weather patterns/adages - gotten from older folks who are happy to pass on the wisdom, and became a Master Gardener in 2005. I love living in the kaleidoscope of the temperate zone with four distinct seasons- it's impossible to tire of any of them- they always stay just long enough.
Brenda Tate
Brenda (Levy) Tate
I've lived in Yarmouth County since 1981 but grew up in Wolfville, so I'm an Annapolis Valley Girl too. I'm a retired teacher, poet, gardener, fossil hunter, cat person and nature photographer. I enjoy sharing my shots on both The Weather Network's online site and Facebook fan page. My three-season home is located beside the Tusket River near the Lake Vaughan power dam. In the winter, I live beside the Annis River in Pleasant Valley near Carleton, several kilometres further inland where the micro-climate is a bit different. The varying and sometimes unpredictable weather in southwest Nova Scotia can be very exciting, from both a meteorological and artistic standpoint. I've never met a crisis that didn't have a poem or photo in it. I also love to sing.
keith Gale
Keith Gale
I am 18 years old and I have been interested in the weather since I was 8 or 9, I especially liked Hurricane Juan in 2003 and White Juan right after. I missed school for almost a week for both. I am in my final year of school and I'm trying to do something with the weather field. I watch the Weather Network lots of times during the day to see if the weather has changed or to see if there are any storms coming.
sindy strong
Sindy Strong

I have lived in Nova Scotia all of my 42 years, mostly in the Annapolis Valley. The weather here has always fascinated me because it is so unpredictable. Of course, that means I have to try and predict it. I work as an optician, play music in a band, act in the theatre, but my favorite hobby is the weather. I love getting a new piece of weather measuring equipment, from rain measures to barometers...and I avidly watch the radar and satelite images to try to get a grip on where our weather will be headed in the next few days.

Ann Thomson MacKay
I'm 49 years old and have lived in Wolfville, NS since 1978 where I studied Biology at Acadia University. I grew up in Quebec City and as a child I summered on the south shore of St. Lawrence near Riviere du Loup, where we'd watch the thunderstorms approach from cross the river. My interest in weather started, during the energy crises of the '70s. I am of the philosophy that "As long as we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow." except in the summer when it switches to "I'm walking on sunshine, oh and don't it feel good!!"


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ed murnaghan
Ed Murnaghan
I am a 43 year old Father of 3 wonderful boys, and husband to my best friend. I was born in Vancouver BC, but was raised in Prince Edward Island. I have lived as an adult in most Provinces of Canada, but decided to raise my Family on Prince Edward Island. A transplanted to speak.
Frank Schleyer
Frank Schleyer
I have lived in Charlottetown PEI most of my life and love it. I am an avid weather watcher and have been a TWN-EWT member for many years. I work as a Voice and Data Network Support Administrator. I am also an active Firefighter in the city responding to an average of 350+ alarms per year. I am very active in my community as a volunteer as well.
bill Jameson
Bill Jameson
Elmwood,PE is a rural farming community about 10 miles west of Charlottetown. Weather has always fascinated me so decided to make a career out of it. I am an official trained weather observer at the Charlottetown airport (CYYG) and also have a volunteer weather site for Environment Canada. When not working, I can be found chasing thunderstorms, hurricanes, snowstorms etc from around PEI. This spring I am planning my second tornado chase into tornado alley. My wife and friends think I am crazy. Maybe they are right. :-)
gordon essery
Gordon Essery
I grew up In Alberton, PEI but now live in Stratford, which is located just next to Charlottetown. I am 32 years of age, married, and together we have a beautiful little girl. I'm currently a stay at home dad who is very interested in everything that has to do with weather. I, at a very young age, up to the present have always been facinated by storms. I at one point in my life considered studying to be a Meterologist.


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chad oliver
Chad Oliver

I am 28 years old, I have been following the weather and watching The Weather Network since I was old enough to watch TV. I love storms and have always been facinated with the changing weather and observe it constantly. I love photography and take pictures of the ever changing world around us. I like spending time outdoors and satying active. I have been tracking weather since I was very young, I was always and still am the go to guy for the weather forcast.

kyle brookings
Kyle Brookings
I have been watching The Weather Network for as long as I can remember. I think The Weather Network is the reason why I have such an interest in Meterology. In my spare time I am outdoors waiting for mother nature to present a nice picture. I enjoy being active in all kinds of weather.
Terry billard
Terry Billard
Corner Brook
.I was born in Isle Aux Morts, Nfld. Have worked on the Great Lakes as a Deckhand,mostly. I am a Correctional Officer and have worked In Goose bay ,Labrador for nearly 20 years and now work and reside in Corner Brook , Nfld. I love sailing and own a 22 foot Drascombe Longboat day sailer and look forward to sailing in the Bay of Islands this summer. Weather is a big conversation topic in Newfoundland and I am continuously monitoring the fast changing weather patterns daily.
Cathy Payne
Cathy Payne
Cow Head

I live in Cow Head, which is in the Gros Morne National Park area. I enjoy watching TWN as it is the best place to see what weather is happening in your own area as well as anywhere else in the world.My favorite time to watch is fall and winter because it tells us of upcoming wind and rain/snow events.

Lisa D Ivany
Lisa Ivany
Grand Falls
I am 45 years old. Married, with 2 grown children. I Am A 3rd generation resident of this former papermill town , and have seen all kinds of crazy weather. I am AWAYS watching the skies . whether it  be sunny. cloudy ,rainy or what have you.! Our summers are usually hot and dry but these past few years  are more humid and steamy and way wetter !  All my friends usually call me the "Weather girl"... how odd is that !!  I love to watch the weather especially where my Son is in the Canadian Navy , so when they are out to sea it comforts me to know what the condtions are at that time...!!
dinnis hiscock
Dennis Hiscock

Im 29 years old and I live in Kippens, NL. I work in stephenville on night shift and am married :)

john bath
John Bath
La Scie
I'm 31 years old and lived in La Scie all my life where I will fish for a living.
nanci beck
Nani Beck
Labrador City
I'm a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful kids and a big fan of TWN ! I watch faithfully every morning and several times throughout the day . Weather is a big deal here in the Big Land . It can change in the blink of an eye and I'm always watching to better plan my families day . Winter is especially an active time here in the north , lots & lots & LOTS of snow lol , and sometimes so cold you don't venture outside at all . Always eventful but so worth it when you get a big blue labrador sky or of coarse our famous northern lights :)
Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt
Elizabeth Sheppard Hewitt
St. John's
I work as a clinical social worker in a busy mental health clinic in St. John's, NL. I am the mother to 2 amazing boys (Spencer and Ethan) who keep my husband Barry and I super busy. Running is a big part of my life and I tune in regularly to The Weather Network in order to plan my weekly runs. I completed my first marathon in Athens, Greece in Oct 2010, and a half marathon with my husband in Dublin on Sept 2011 ... and am always planning my next event! I am happy to join the weather observer team!


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philippe mollet
Philippe Mollet
I was born in Belgium in 1965, and grew up in France. I have been living in Chamonix for 13 years. Weather is my hobby since the age of eleven. I love cold, snow, nature, and mountains. This is the reason why I decided to settle in Yukon Territory in 2009. I have a personal weather station and a website, and would like to share my observations and forecasts with the Community.


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christy campbell
Christy Cambell

I am an Extreme Weather Network member from Yellowknife, NT. Originally from Nova Scotia, I completed a Geology degree from ST.F.X.U. before moving North over 15 year ago! I started my career in Iqaluit where I experienced a true blizzard that left a porch full of snow on the ‘inside’. The following year, I moved to Yellowknife to truly experience ‘business as usual in downtown Yellowknife in -40C’’. I still returns home in the summer to enjoy the warmer climate with friends and family.


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wanda swensen
Wanda Swensen
Berrien Centre, MI

I resides in southwest Michigan, and am a trained weather spotter for the past 3 years.   I have responded to Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike, and volunteered in emergency situations.  I have completed FEMA's Professional Development certificate, and am a candidate for the CEM/AEM Certification through the International Association of Emergency Managers.

brent mcgrady
Brent Mcgrady
Chohoes, NY
I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast meteorology from the University at Albany in May of 2007.I have extensive knowledge of the weather in the Albany, NY area and over five years of forecasting experience. I have been a storm spotter for over 10 years.. I am always looking for feedback and input on his forecasts.
kevin shaw
Kevin Shaw
I have worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a nautical cartographer since February 17, 1974. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geography from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin where I specialized in Cartography. I also took several Meteorology and Climatology courses. I have been an active weather observer for the past 35 years. for the Metropolitan Washington Climate Review. Gaithersburg I have been a SKYWARN observer for the National Weather Service in Sterling VA for the past several years, I also have been the coordinator of the Maryland/Delaware Atlantic Coast Observer Network (MD/DE ACON) since the fall of 1986.
Shevon James
Shevon James
Mobile, AL

I have started to enjoy weather when I was 12 and I have ever since. I have lived in Mobile, Alabama for 6 years. Thunderstorms interest me the most and we get many severe storms down here during the summer. I have experienced a tornado here before and that interested me as well. Hurricanes have made some impact here as well and I love tracking hurricanes during the season. I will keep updating you if some severe storms hit the Deep South here!

brenda evens
Brenda Evans
Neuton, KS
I have always been interested in the weather. I live in Newton, Kansas (south central kansas) about 30 minutes north of Wichita, smack dab in the middle of tornado alley. I love to track storms. They say here in Kansas, if you don't like the weather here Kansas, wait 5 mins and it will change. This is so true, one minute nice sunny day, next a super cell is on its way. Storms here are awesome to watch roll in, very ominous clouds are part of these storms, or as my son calls them, SLC clouds (scary looking clouds). I always can be found on the internet tracking storms or outside watching them roll in.